The results are presented in the table of participants. The participants are displayed in their order of registration. Together with a unique ID number, code, name, and registration time, the table provides information about the user’s status (participant or researcher), language, and the number of completed tests. You can download data for each participant. Metadata contains information about the technical properties of the user’s browser. You can open a more detailed table with the results of each task for a particular user.

By clicking on the tasks on the left, you can switch between the results for different tasks. The table contains information about a participant and the type of data. The Open Lab ID is a unique number assigned to each user regardless of their participant code and name. You can either download data for a specific participant or download all the results for that task.

lab.js collects technical metadata about the participant's browser, such as the type of operating system, screen width, time zone. A more detailed description of what is stored as metadata can be found here. In Open Lab, it is possible to download only the participant metadata separately from the experiment data. At the same time, the metadata is included in the data files (in the "meta" column), so you as the researcher are responsible for handling and storing the data, but also providing informed consent to participants that clarifies what type of information is being collected.

If you do not want to collect the metadata, you should edit your lab.js json file before uploading it to Open Lab. At the moment, this is only possible by modifying the raw code: open the json file in a code editor (e.g. Atom, Visual Studio) or any text editor. Use search to find the "lab.plugins.Metadata" defined in the root component of your experiment. You can delete the plugin by removing the code inside the "plugins" array. This way, no metadata will be stored during the experiment.

"plugins": [ { "type": "lab.plugins.Metadata" } ],

"plugins": [],