Welcome to Open Lab

Open Lab is a platform designed to help researchers conduct online experiments in a simple, transparent, and secure manner. It is tailor-made for researchers who want to create and conduct their study via the internet. Open Lab is integrated with the lab.js experiment builder, with which you can design your own study. The Open Lab server application takes care of running your experiment online and then collecting, storing and managing your data.

Hosting your study created in lab.js

There is no need to set up your own server: you can use existing templates or upload a study from lab.js with just one click.

Data security

HTTPS encrypts all data sent between a user and the server. Both researchers and participants can set up password-protected accounts.

Participant management system

You can track data collection in real time. Open Lab supports between-subjects study designs with the ability to balance the number of participants in different conditions.

Collaboration with colleagues

Open Lab provides tools for collaboration between researchers, such as shared access to studies, the language localization of tasks, and the integration of data collection within Open Science Framework (OSF).

Data protection compliance

All data are stored on servers in Germany according to the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). In accordance with the GDPR, participants can request access to their own data. Check our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy for more details.